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Taizhou Bada Valve Co., Ltd is professional manufacturer and exporter of various brass/bronze valves, fittings and other plumbing products which located in Luqiao District, Taizhou City. As one of the China Wholesale Press Fit Bronze Flange Adapter Manufacturers and Press Fit Bronze Flange Adapter Factory, Bada has 33 primary and intermediate technicists; more than 320 workers; more than 330 sets machining and testing equipments; casting, forging and ect.11 workshops. The bronze casting and machining is our strong suit which is in the leading passion in China. OEM orders are welcome!

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Features of LG2 Press Fit Bronze Adapter
BS1400 is a British standard specification for copper alloys, including bronze, used in general engineering applications. LG2 is commonly used in press fit bronze adapters for plumbing applications. Here are some general features of LG2 press fit bronze adapters:
Material: LG2 bronze is a copper-based alloy that typically contains approximately 90% copper, 5% tin, and 5% zinc, with trace amounts of other elements. It is known for its excellent corrosion resistance, durability, and machinability.
Press fit design: LG2 press fit bronze adapters are designed to be used in press fit systems, where pipes or components are joined together without the need for soldering or other traditional joining methods. Press fit adapters typically have a tapered shape with an O-ring or gasket that creates a watertight seal when pressed into the corresponding pipe or component.
Size and type: LG2 press fit bronze adapters are available in various sizes and types to accommodate different pipe materials and connection methods. Common types of press fit bronze adapters include male or female threaded adapters, compression adapters, or push-fit adapters, depending on the requirements of the plumbing system.
Compatibility: LG2 press fit bronze adapters are typically used for connecting bronze or other compatible pipes in plumbing systems. It's important to ensure that the adapter is compatible with the specific pipes or components you are connecting, and follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper installation.
Quality and compliance: LG2 press fit bronze adapters should meet the requirements of BS1400 for the LG2 grade, which specifies the composition, mechanical properties, and other characteristics of the bronze alloy. Look for adapters that are manufactured by reputable companies and comply with relevant industry standards and regulations to ensure quality and reliability.
Installation method: LG2 press fit bronze adapters are designed for press fit installation, which typically requires a specialized pressing tool or equipment to create a secure connection. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and recommended installation procedures for proper and safe installation.
System operation: Once installed, LG2 press fit bronze adapters can be used in plumbing systems to carry fluids, such as water or other compatible liquids, through the joined section. The adapters should provide a reliable and leak-free connection, helping to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the plumbing system.
It's important to consult with a qualified plumber or adhere to local plumbing codes and regulations for proper selection, installation, and operation of press fit bronze flange adapteror any other plumbing fittings.