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Taizhou Bada Valve Co., Ltd is professional manufacturer and exporter of various brass/bronze valves, fittings and other plumbing products which located in Luqiao District, Taizhou City. As one of the China Wholesale Press Fit Brass Unions Manufacturers and Press Fit Brass Unions Factory, Bada has 33 primary and intermediate technicists; more than 320 workers; more than 330 sets machining and testing equipments; casting, forging and ect.11 workshops. The bronze casting and machining is our strong suit which is in the leading passion in China. OEM orders are welcome!

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How Lead-free Brass Press Fit Brass Unions Work
Lead-free brass press fit brass unions allow for quick and easy joining of two pipes without the need for soldering or other traditional joining methods. 
Lead-free brass press fit brass unions offer several advantages, including ease of installation, time savings, and the ability to join different types of pipes, such as copper, PEX, and CPVC.  
Here's how they work:
Design: Lead-free brass press fit brass unions are typically designed with two ends that can be inserted into the ends of two pipes to be joined. The ends are typically equipped with a rubber O-ring or gasket to create a watertight seal when pressed together.
Preparation: Prior to installation, the ends of the pipes to be joined need to be properly cleaned and deburred to ensure a clean and smooth surface. This is usually done using a pipe cutter or deburring tool to remove any rough edges, burrs, or dirt.
Insertion: Once the pipes are properly prepared, the ends of the pipes are inserted into the respective ends of the press-fit brass union. The pipes are pushed firmly into the union until they reach a stop, which indicates that they are fully inserted.
Pressing: A specialized pressing tool, such as a press-fit tool or a press-fit jaw, is then used to apply pressure to the union, which compresses the rubber O-ring or gasket between the pipes and the union. The pressure is typically applied uniformly and with sufficient force to create a secure and watertight seal.
Verification: After pressing, it's important to verify that the pipes are securely and properly joined. This can be done by visually inspecting the union to ensure that it is fully engaged and by conducting a pressure test to check for any leaks. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and local plumbing codes for proper installation and testing procedures.
System operation: Once the press fit brass union is installed and verified, the plumbing system can be put back into operation. The pipes can now carry water or other fluids through the joined section, and the union should provide a reliable and leak-free connection.