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Drop Ear Bronze Elbow, 90° C X NPT
  • Drop Ear Bronze Elbow, 90° C X NPT

Drop Ear Bronze Elbow, 90° C X NPT


● Material: C83600 Casting Bronze
● Solder Joint Pressure Fitting
● Sizes: 3/4”
● Application: use in Non-drinking water and Air application
● Feature: allows attachment to wall support using a screw or nail


1.Product Description:

● Cast bronze solder pressure 90-degree drop elbow

● The 90-degree elbow features a solder cup, female NPT threads, and mounting ears

● The fitting provides a means of changing the pipelines direction 90 degrees and adapting from a solder connection to a threaded connection.

● The ears allow the fitting to be secured to a wall support using a nail or screw.

● This item is restricted for conveying or dispensing water for potable use

● With qualities of beauty, durability and low maintenance, bronze's reusability makes it an ideal application in sustainable projects

2.Product Specification:

Item No. Size F D H H1 L
070212a 3/4"x19,5 NPT3/4"

Ø 19.5

44 34.5 57
070213a 3/4"x19,5 NPT3/4"

Ø 19.5

25 34.5 58

3.Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:Can I use this bronze elbow in drinking pipe system?

A: No. This product is made of low lead cast bronze. Used in U.s. drinking water applications is prohibited after January 3, 2014

Q: Where it is usually installed?

A: Drop ear elbow fittings are most commonly used to stub out from a wall for external connection of shower heads, tub spouts, sprays and similar.

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