Fada® Brass Drop Elbow, 90°, With Wall Plate, P X FPT - 3/4” Suppliers

Fada® Brass Drop Elbow, 90°, With Wall Plate, P X FPT - 3/4”
  • Fada® Brass Drop Elbow, 90°, With Wall Plate, P X FPT - 3/4”

Fada® Brass Drop Elbow, 90°, With Wall Plate, P X FPT - 3/4”


• Lead Free Brass,approved for potable water
• Allows installers to join wet connections, making it the fastest solution for maintenance and repair
• Eliminates need for tanks, hoses, Thread cutters, Solder and flux


1.  Benefits

● Fast and easy to use, saving labour and time

● Press has a high quality O-Ring material that forms a secure leak free joint when pressed

● Permanent connections

● Size range from 1/2” to 2”

● Press fittings and press tools are compatible with various press tools and jaws

● Meet requirements of NSF61 (products in contact with drinking water) and NSF 372 (low lead requirements)

● Environmentally friendly system


2. Product Specification:

Item No.








C46500/ C69300






3.  EPDM sealing element:

  Operating temperature: 0°F to 250°F (-18°C to 120°C)

  The EPDM sealing element has particularly good resistance to hot water, making it ideal for seals and gaskets in heating systems, fittings and household application (e.g. washing machines, pumps, dishwashers).


4.  1/2” to 2” Installation:

1) Cut copper tube to length using a pipe cutter.

2) Deburr carefully the end of the tube on the inside to minimize turbulence and pressure loss.

3) For existing copper tube, clean the end with emery paper or a soft scourer.

4) Make the insertion depth by lining up the fitting side by side with the tube and mark the tube. When the    fitting is inserted onto the tube the outer edge of the fitting must line up with the marking.

5) Select pressing jaw according to the fitting dimension and insert into the pressing machine. Arrest the locking bolts of the machine. Check the jaws are free from debris and in good working order.

6) Ensure you have the correct fitting for the application (e.g. water or gas). Check the fitting is clean and the O-ring is free from debris and correctly sitting in place. Push fitting on tube all the way to the engagement marking.

7) Check the fitting outer edge still lines up with the marking. Open the pressing jaw and close it around the fitting so the raised bump in the fitting rests inside the groove of the pressing jaw.

8) Initiate the pressing job by pressing the start button. The automatic pressing process guarantees a tight connection. The pressing process can be interrupted by pressing the emergency-stop button.

9) Visually inspect the fitting to ensure the press has been completed.


5.  Pressing tool and jaws:



6.  Recommendations:

     Fada Lead-free Brass Press 90°Elbow, P x FPT - 3/8”

     Fada Lead-free Brass Press 90°Elbow, P x FPT - 1/2”

     Fada Lead-free Brass Press Drop Ear 90°Elbow, P x FPT - 1/2"


7.  Frequently Asked Questions:

     Q: Can press fittings be placed in the ground

     A: Yes, but the tube and fittings must be protected when installed in any corrosive and /or acidic environments, this includes possible ground water exposure, as per regulatory requirements.


     Q: Can the Press Fittings be used with medical gases?

     A: No, the fittings are not recommended for use with most medical gases.


Q: Can the press fittings be installed where the mains water line won’t shut off?

    A: Yes, it can be used where the mains water line cannot be turned off. After pressing the press fitting, it will provide a watertight joint. As long as the O-ring has not been dislodged during installation uder pressure or movement there will be no problems; precautions to protect the pressing tool are also highly recommended.

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