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Flare Male Adaptor,Flare X MNPT - Cast
  • Flare Male Adaptor,Flare X MNPT - Cast

Flare Male Adaptor,Flare X MNPT - Cast


• Size:3/4”
• Material: leaded red brass or lead free copper alloy
• Connection: Flare x Male National Pipe Thread
• No open flame is required in processing procedure
• Applied in fuel-oil and gas lines, as well as for making high-pressure connections such as in refrigerant lines.


1. Product Description:

The male adapter features a flared connection and a male NPT thread. The fitting provides a means for adapting a flare connection to a threaded connection. In addition to their excellent resistance to harmful corrosion, bronze’s durability and low maintenance, bronze's reusability makes it an ideal application in sustainable projects.

2. Product Specification:



3. How to install a flare fitting?

1) Cut the tubing cleanly. It’s important to cut the tubing squarely and with a minimal burr, so use a tubing cutter with a sharp wheel.

2) Deburr the cut. Use the blade on the back of the tubing cutter to ream the cut end to its original diameter.

3) Add the nut. Once the tubing is flared, the nut would have to be placed from the far end. It’s much easier to place the nut on the near end before flaring, and doubly so if both ends are to be flared.

4) Insert the tubing into the flaring block. Match the tube diameter to the hole in the block. Most flaring-tool manufacturers recommend that the tubing protrude about 1/16 in. above the block.

5) Tighten the nearest nut first. Hand tighten the nut nearest the tubing. Don’t be tempted to stick something like a screwdriver between the nut wings to really crank it tight. You can damage the tool.

6) Tighten the far nut. This sequence uses leverage to ensure that the block grasps the tubing tightly.

7) Slip the yoke onto the block. Slots in the yoke engage the flaring block. Center the cone over the tubing.

8) Flare the copper. Tighten the mandrel screw, then loosen and retighten once or twice to fully seat and burnish the tubing.

9) Connect to the fitting. Hold the flared end on the fitting, and tighten the nut. Make it snug, but don’t over-tighten. You can snug it up more if an air test reveals a leak.


4.  Frequently Asked Questions:

     Q: What does “MNPT” means?

     A: Threads are Male National Pipe Thread.


     Q: Can I use flare male adaptor in water lines?

 A:While it’s legal to use flare connections on water lines, it’s rarely done. A leaking water line won’t fuel a fire or lead to an explosion, and residential water pressures aren’t high enough to warrant the use of this robust but relatively labor-intensive joint.

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