Bronze Spring Loaded Lift Check Valve -FNPT Suppliers

Bronze Spring Loaded Lift Check Valve -FNPT
  • Bronze Spring Loaded Lift Check Valve -FNPT

Bronze Spring Loaded Lift Check Valve -FNPT


• WSP 200 ● WOG 400
• Durable Bronze Body
• Vetical Lift type
• Connected ends, comply to NPT
• Full Port


1.Product Introduction:

Generally used in conjunction with globe valves. Bronze discs renewable. Are guided above and below seating faces by disc stem guides and bottom disc guide lugs. Disc cocking is prevented, assuring smooth, easy operation.

Seats integral. Precision machined to fit tapered discs. Located indirectly below the top opening,they are easy to reach for maintenance.

Maintenance worn seats nay be trued-up with a valve reseating tool, or the valve may be removed from the line and the seat trued-up the lathe.

2.Product Specification:  









Disc Holder



Stainless Steel


Always install with the flow in the direction as indicated on the body.


To renew disc, simply unscrew lock union from disc holder, remove older disc, and insert new one.

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