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FNPT Connection


• CWP200
• Class 150
• In FNPT End Connection
• Horizontal Swing
• Not recommended for use with reciprocating pumps or air compressors in liquid or gas service.


1. Product Introduction:

  This Y-pattern Series check valves are constructed of heavy duty bronze. They have a screwed cap, swing type disc and integral seat. The Y-pattern design has excellent full flow characteristics and can be installed vertically or horizontally.

  Recommended for preventing backflow in commercial and industrial applications.

2. Product Specification:














Hinge Pin


Seat Screw


3. Application:

  Recommended for preventing backflow in commercial and

  Industrial application

4. Attention:

Not recommended for use with reciprocating pumps or air compressors in liquid or gas services.

Taizhou Bada Valve Co.,Ltd.

Taizhou Bada Valve Co., Ltd is professional China wholesale FNPT Connection suppliers and OEM/ODM company,we focus on manufacturing and exporting various brass/bronze valves, fittings and other plumbing products which located in Luqiao District, Taizhou City. There are 33 primary and intermediate technicists; more than 320 workers; more than 330 sets machining and testing equipments; casting, forging and ect.11 workshops. The bronze casting and machining is our strong suit which is in the leading passion in China. OEM orders are welcome!

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Strength-Based, Integrity-Based.

The company insists on seeking credibility with quality and credibility with management. In order to become the most competitive and qualified FNPT Connection supplier in the world, our production follows 6S and ISO9001-2008 system, and our strategic goal is to build on the basis of high-quality and efficient service.

We adhere to the business ethics of "people-oriented, winning by quality, respecting customers, slow commitment, fast fulfillment", learn from others' strengths, gain profits, gain employee benefits, and repay the society!

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