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Bronze Press Male 90°Elbow Press X MPT
  • Bronze Press Male 90°Elbow Press X MPT

Bronze Press Male 90°Elbow Press X MPT


• Material: CC499K
• Connection: Press x FPT
• DVGW Certificated
• No Flame, Solder or Flux
• Smart connect makes secure connection in less than 7 seconds.


1.Principle of Press-fit Fittings:

he term "press-fit" refers to a join method for tube systems by means of fittings which are mechanically pressed with specific tools. The pressing operation leads to a mechanical joint between the tube and the fitting. Hydraulic tightness is achieved by the o-ring-system.

Additionally, an EPDM "O" ring is embedded in the fitting. Considerable research was carried out to identify and test polymers for these sealing components, which must provide a level of durability that is consistent with useful life.

As a fully mechanical type of joints, press-fit connections are produced at ambient temperature and any fire risk is avoided.

2.Product Specification:


Leak detect EPDM O-ring

4.Press-fit Benefits:

● Can be used for multiple systems including sprinkler systems, fuel oil lines, compressed air systems and more.

● Use of flameless technology enables safe use with flammable fluids, fire suppression, industrial environments prone to explosion and other critical systems

● Eliminates need for sweating, welding, grooving and threading while creating a secure connection in less than seven seconds

● Accessories are generally interchangeable

● Smart Connect feature allows installers to easily identify missed or unpressed connections

● Undergoes double press to create stronger connection than a single side press for additional reliability

● Pressed before, after and on top of the sealing elements in a single step to create a permanent and secure connection

5.Installation Instruction:

1. Cut copper tubing at right angles.

2. Remove burr from inside and outside of tubing to prevent cutting sealing element.

3. Check seal for correct fit. Do not use oils or lubricants. Use only Black EPDM

4. Mark proper insertion depth as indicated by the Insertion Depth Chart. Improper insertion depth may result in improper seal.

5. While turning slightly, slide press fitting onto tubing to the marked depth. Note: End of tubing must contact stop.

6. Insert appropriate jaw into the pressing tool and push in holding pin until it locks in place.

7. Open the jaw and place at right angles on the fitting. Visually check insertion depth using mark on tubing.

8. Start pressing process and hold the trigger until the jaw has engaged the fitting.

9. After pressing, the jaw can be opened again.

6.Pressing tool and jaws:

7. Recommendations:

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8. Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is DVGW Certification?

A: DVGW: Innovation and setting standards in the gas and water sectors. In Germany “DVGW”– German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water" is the competence network for all questions related to gas and water supply.

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