V-profile, Press Fittings/CC499K Bronze, Male X Press Suppliers

V-profile, Press Fittings/CC499K Bronze, Male X Press
  • V-profile, Press Fittings/CC499K Bronze, Male X Press

V-profile, Press Fittings/CC499K Bronze, Male X Press


• Durable bronze construction
• No Flame, Solder or Flux during the installation
• EPDM seals can be factory-installed &lubricated
• Applications in portable water, heating and cooling
Water loops, natural gas.


1. Product Introduction:

The Press joining is a connection to make permanent and not reversible deform of the fittings on the pipe thus leading to a perfect mechanical joint, while the O-Ring provides for the hydraulic tightening connection. Pressing provides for a constant quality joining, easily reproduced and with a minimum physical effort by the operator.

  A Mixed connection fittings to other systems are made using bronze thread parts with press ends. The thread will be made to meet your local regulation.


2. Specification:Male/Press end

Available dimensions:

  15x1/2”| 18x 1/2”| 18x3/4”| 22x3/4”


3. Applications:  

Pressfitting is a unique method to make installations inside different sectors, civil and industrial as well. Among the house walls, for example, Pressfitting can be used for potable water pipes, heating and gas (non-toxic, non-flammable). At the industrial level, Pressfitting is suitable for compressed air, cooling/heating, process water and fire-fighting systems.


4. Pressing Tool:

With pressing jaws profile "V"
(compatible with: Viega, Comap, Sudo Press Cu, IBP>B< press)



5.  Accessory:

   EPDM O-ring  (The O-ring is characterized by high chemical and physical performances and it satisfies the requirements hygienic requirements for drinking water applications.)


6.  Installation Instruction:

1. Deburring tube ID and OD with file.

2. Check seal for correct fit. Do not use oils or lubricants.

3. Mark proper insertion depth for well sealed.

4. While turning slightly, slide press fitting onto tubing to the marked depth.

     The end of tubing must contact stop.

  5. Open the jaw and place at right angles on the fitting.

6. Start pressing process and hold the trigger until the jaw has engaged the fittings.



7.  Frequently Asked Questions:

     Q: How to distinguish the “V” profile and “M” profile of the Press fittings?

     A: The presence of the "Collar" on the "V" profile, located after the pressing chamber, definitely makes inserting the pipe an apparently "cleaner" operation compared to inserting it in the "M" profile.
On the other hand, the Collar makes checking the proper positioning of the o-ring more difficult. 



Q: Which is better, the "M" profile or the "V" profile?

     A: When talking with plumbing installers, one of the most frequent topics is their preference for either the "M" or "V" pressfitting profile. The choice of one or the other is often a matter of "habit". Professionals who are used to a certain profile rarely choose to change to the other.

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